So what can I tell you about me?

Well, I was born in the small, ex-mining village of Garforth in Leeds & I grew up as a shy and quiet child. Yeah hard to believe, I know but it was true.

At high school, I took part in a couple of school productions but acting wasn’t something that I'd thought about and a lack of confidence also meant this wasn’t going to be something I would ever dream of pursuing.

After leaving high school & having sudied business & administration my working life revolved around a variety of admin jobs before marrying & having my first two children.

Childminding gave me an income & was flexible enough to give me time to be at home with the children.

Having re-married in 2004 & then going on to have 2 more children, I needed an income so I started working from home again; this time as a Virgin Vie rep and then, in September 2009, I started my own jewellery making business, Booby & The Beads. Breastfeeding Charlotte had been the inspiration for starting the business, as had training as a Mother Supporter with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers.

By the time Charlotte was 4, I'd started to gain media attention; breastfeeding a 4 year old was newsworthy! I got the chance to do serveral interviews, talking about Natural Term Breastfeeding, on National and International TV & radio and appearing in various publications. This sparked a feeling of wanting to pursue a career in TV, possibly as a presenter but didn't have a clue where to start. Then I met Luana Ribeira, who ran Northern Star Acting, at the time, at school; her children went to the same school as Isabel & Charlotte. Isabel started acting classes and when, in 2015, Luana mentioned she was starting adult classes, I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back since.


In January 2016 I took my first assesment - Northern Star Acting Certification in Acting for Film & Television & passed with distinction, in July was awarded the Northern Star Acting Actor Of The Year 2016 & in 2018 I took my Advanced Certification & passed with Merit. The classes have now been taken over by Chris Torretto and are on another level; I'm pushing & challenging myself week after week.


When I'm not acting, I'm a volunteer at my local charity shop; Peter Pan, a St John Ambulance Youth Leader and being mum to my two youngest daughters.

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